You are a branch or subsidiary of a foreign group

Finaudit, accountancy firm, support corporate groups, branches or subsidiaries in establishing, operating and developing their activity in France.

Going beyond administrative and accounting services we assist you to manage the relations between the various group entities.

We use innovative and digital solutions (100% digital, 100% dematerialized) to ease coordination and cooperation between the different actors, but also to ensure availability and responsiveness to our clients.

We consider the specific issues related to the creation of a company in France (social compliance, regulatory compliance, secondment or impatriation contracts, …) providing special services.

You wish to establish your company in France but you don’t know how to do it ?

Finaudit take care of administrative, judicial and fiscal formalities so you can focus on developing your business.

You wish to ease your internal organization?

Finaudit offer 100% digital products to ease and secure access to sensitive data.

You don’t know how to deal with the French Administration?

Contact-us! Finaudit represent your company in front of French authorities to minimize your risks and ensure compliance of your operations.